Struggling with reading the Bible...


These days, it's easy to fall into a little rut. With the cold (and gloomy) weather, post-holidays lull, and the long wait for spring, it feels more important than ever to develop good habits. I hear it all the time (hi mom!): sleep well, eat better, be active. And while I've been consciously making an effort to improve these aspects of my life, I'm finding more and more that my overall wellbeing comes from being rooted in God. Paul said it all the time: the truth brings forth a renewal of our mind, which then transforms us. Our affections, our values... it changes. We don't desire the things that once occupied our hearts. We begin longing for something more, something otherworldly... and from that, often praise and joy flow out.

Anyway... all this to say, I notice I have a lot more joy, peace, and hope when I'm reading the Bible everyday. Do you believe that God's truth transforms? Do you believe that you are coming before the Word of God Almighty? Humbling! And trust me, there are TONS of nights when I can't be bothered to even spend 2 minutes in the Word. But with accountability (thanks Alex, thanks life group!), I am being blessed everyday!! A daily dose of God's Word is honestly the best habit I've been building all year. What's your experience been like with Bible reading since the start of the year? I can always use some encouragement!