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New year, new me!

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Friends... it's been a crazy few years!! What started as some mindless doodling turned into a habit, a habit into a hobby, and a hobby into a passion! Thanks for journeying with me over the last few years and letting me pour my heart out in my humble Instagram abode. Some things don't die, and even in the midst of my (sometimes crazy!) day job, calligraphy always finds its way back into my life. Might as well make it official then, eh? 

This year, I would really like to grow in this passion of mine. I can't promise you much, but I can begin by writing more (hello blog!), sharing more (photos, process, you name it!) and making more (not sure what this will include yet). I've even thought about getting together a calligraphy workshop in Toronto to meet people who I can share this passion with!! :) 

I've said a lot (maybe too much) so I will stop here. Can you tell I'm excited though?