Sarah Kim | Lettering & Design


Hello! I'm Sarah Kim.

I picked up my first nib in 2013 and haven't been able to stop writing since. I enjoy using calligraphy and lettering to create pieces in celebration of different occasions and people. My faith inspires my work, and I aim to encourage others through the joy I receive from Jesus Christ.

When I am not freelancing, I work as a biomedical communicator in a strategic design consultancy. I use my background in science to synthesize complex information to tell compelling narratives in clear and beautiful ways. I received my MScBMC from the University of Toronto in 2016.

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    Other facts:

    1. I'm an ENFJ. Apparently that means I'm overly idealistic and a little too sensitive ;)
    2. I love cheese: cheesy jokes, cheesy pasta, you name it. I'm might name my first daughter Brie.  
    3. I am almost always in the mood for '80s rock. 
    4. In socially awkward situations, my family will adopt a horribly executed British accent. 
    5. I've watched every season of the Bachelor since it aired in 2002. 
    6. I worked four years in an anatomy lab preparing human cadavers. Nothing scares me now! 
    7. Ideal date: walking hand-in-hand with my hubby, exploring new streets with a camera and latte.
    8. I don't want to stay in Toronto forever but I don't know where I'll go yet. 

    Work featured in:

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